Is Solar Right for You?

Solar energy can be a big decision for any business or household. At P4B our aim is to make your solar energy decision as easy as possible. Every installation is different as no two buildings, businesses or houses are the same. We will complete a detailed analysis of your site to assess your consumption and requirements, utilizing comprehensive independent data.

Fill out the Enquiry form on the right including your details, a copy of your most recent power bill or the last two bills, and tell us how you heard about us. Alternatively contact us here to discuss your options.


Looking back on solar

We’re seeing a rise in people in their homes and businesses who want to move to a renewable energy source, to not only bring down their power bills but also reduce their carbon footprint. South Australia is leading the way in helping this to be achieved with a solar energy scheme from the State Government and a number of people looking into their own ways of getting off grid.

One of the main motivations to install solar is the reduction in electricity bills, with the additional side benefit of selling electricity back to the grid and get savings straight into the pocket of the consumer. Thousands of people, not only in South Australia but also across the country are struggling to pay their bills; with energy companies now offering payment plans for a number of businesses and homeowners across the state. With the cost of power set to continue increasing, solar has become a popular investment. Read more

Return on my solar investment

Adelaide has one of the quickest payback periods when it comes to seeing the money you’ve spent come back into your pocket. Although with government rebates and subsidy schemes, you will still be looking at outlaying costs of your own to get those panels working for you and your energy bill.

For the budget conscious, we can look at an average residential solar system costing around $6,500. There are some costs that will vary, but for a system of this size and the average cost, the buyer would be looking at a payback period of 4 years. The basic idea, that after 4 years of the system running, it will equal the cost of the system. Read more


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